Microsoft announces Halo Infinite, heading to Xbox One and Windows 10


The full trailer shows a glimpse of the Master Chief himself, and there is some impressive landscape shots, hinting at an expansive environment. Microsoft teased a new Halo game called Halo Infinite, "powered by the SlipSpace engine". The camera then zooms back to reveal a familiar-looking person in an iconic suit of armor: Master Chief. The last time we saw a proper game in the Halo series was with the fifth game, Guardians, about three years ago. The goal of the entire 343 Industries team is to make a great Halo game for our fans that also invites new players into our franchise. You can check out the trailer above!

Microsoft debuted Halo Infinite during its 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo presentation today in Los Angeles. The original Halo released as a launch title for the original Xbox in 2001.

NASA finds ‘ancient organic material’ on Mars, continues search despite Doom’s warnings
Over five years, Curiosity has used its Tunable Laser Spectrometer to measure methane in the atmosphere at the Gale crater . For example, scientists want to know if it has "Mars quakes". "The first one would be life, which we don't know about".

That makes sense, as we know Microsoft is preparing to wade into the VR market with its own range of headsets and they will need a big launch title.