India committed to cut 35% carbon emission by 2030: PM Modi


While we really appreciate the steps undertaken by Pakistan Navy to reduce plastic pollution, other organisations and industries also need to join the effort to make our environment totally clean from such hazardous waste.

"Dee! Thank you for taking up this wonderful initiative & for making sure we stay responsible always!"

SBI has organized event to promote world environment day 2018.

About 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated evey year in India, of which only 60 per cent, according to Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan, is recycled.

Some 86% support supermarkets moving towards more refillable and reusable packaging instead of single-use plastics and more than nine out of 10 (91%) think they should be working towards reducing their overall packaging.

The bank made the call in a statement signed by its Communication Officer, Climate Change and Green Growth Department, Mrs Sonia Borrini yesterday in Abuja.

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Islamabad-Oxfam in Pakistan and its partner Indus Consortium launched a campaign to tackle plastic pollution in Pakistan.

Countdown also announced it will phase out plastic straws this year.

He said "several countries such as Eritrea, China, Rwanda, Mauritania, Morocco and Kenya have outlawed the use of plastic bags; while England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, South Africa, among others have placed a fee on the use of plastic bags". Now, measures are taken to encourage people to use alternative to plastic bags. Many of these plastics also end up in rivers and oceans and thus endangering our aquatic life.

However, Greenpeace applauded companies which were beginning to eliminate single-use plastics from their shelves and checkouts. He talked about the milestones Sepa has achieved to curb the menace of plastic.

In 2018, the Environment Ministry in a new notification amended the rules of plastic waste management, and suggested the phasing-out of multi-layered plastics (MLP), the shiny plastic material which is used to package chips, biscuit and ready-to-eat food products. He praised India for its growing focus on environmental protection but also noted that while traveling in the country he'd seen "some of the most lovely scenic places, but destroyed by plastic pollution". "If we work together we can make our vision our reality". And even after looking at the results of it - the rise in global warming, increase in a number of various endangered species, greenhouse gases, a surge in pollution in our dearest cities - the best of us choose to do nothing. Plastic bags don't biodegrade, they photodegrade i.e. breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits contaminating soil and waterways and entering the food web when animals accidentally ingest them.