How Donald Trump Shivved a Compromise GOP Immigration Bill


But, he said, "I certainly wouldn't sign the more moderate one".

Trump tells reporters that he's looking at both plans.

The Trump administration's "zero tolerance" border security approach has seen thousands of adults criminally prosecuted for illegally entering the U.S., meaning their children are separated from their guardians and classified as "unaccompanied minors". "I have to have that".

The Goodlatte bill has zero chance of getting out of the House, let alone passing the Senate, where it will need at least a handful of Democrats to clear a cloture vote.

Both the conservative and compromise bills would provide money for Trump's long-sought border wall with Mexico. Only the compromise bill would open a door to citizenship for young immigrants brought to the US illegally as children, and ease the separation of children from their parents when families are detained crossing the border - a practice that has drawn bipartisan condemnation in recent days.

The White House told lawmakers Friday that Trump would sign the bill if it passes.

Conservatives are leery of legislation protecting from deportation immigrants who arrived illegally, calling it amnesty.

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Various immigration law experts took to Twitter to point out that, in fact, nothing in the GOP bill outlaws family separation.

Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson is criticizing Attorney General Jeff Sessions for citing the Bible to justify the government separating immigrant children from their parents.

Republicans were reluctant to tackle the "Dreamer" issue this year.

In a political maneuver one commentator described as a "monstrous" attempt to "use functionally kidnapped children as literal hostages" to advance an extremist anti-immigrant agenda, House Republicans are circulating a legislative plan that would limit the Trump administration's family separation policy while simultaneously ramming through cuts to legal immigration and billions in border wall funding. The measure would make sweeping changes to the nation's immigration system, shifting preference from the family members of USA citizens to employment-based criteria, and creating a special visa program that would give young unauthorized immigrants the chance to become citizens based on factors like employment and education.

In response to the rally, Denham released a statement to The Washington Post expressing optimism that the Republican House bill would end the practice.

Some Republican immigration hard-liners, however, continue to hold out, saying they will not support any path to citizenship and do not support any accommodations to keep families together. Republicans call the settlement a loophole, and claim it is actually the reason kids are being separated from their parents - but in reality it simply affords some standards of care for kids in detention.

"By effectively setting the DACA program in stone, Congress will be providing amnesty-that is, it is rewarding those who came here illegally with legal status, while others waited in line in order to come to the US the right way", the group said. Thus, it is Sessions' policy that directly caused the separations.