Fallout 76 might release in just a few weeks


When Could The Fallout 76 Release Date Be?

Bethesda threw everyone a curve ball when they teased their next in the Fallout line, Fallout 76.

And that hype train continues to pick up speed as a recent Amazon listing - which was hastily updated, obviously - suggests the game is set to arrive a lot sooner than you think - the 31st July to be exact.

Finally, they have also hinted that the game might not even release this year.

Kotaku further states that the sources did mention that the game would still have a single player story and quests like in a normal Fallout game.

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Currently, we know that this title will feature Vault 76 in some capacity which is one of the most important vaults in the Fallout lore. Tues., Oct. 30 is another good candidate. Well, there's evidence in the trailer that Fallout 76 is set in October and may therefore release in October. On the shelf in the bedroom, viewers can spot a Jack-O-Lantern, and there is also a trophy for a Halloween costume contest as well. Whichever way it ends up, it appears that all Fallout 76 mods will go through official channels. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Battlefield V and Red Dead Redemption 2 all release in October. Bethesda may hedge its bets and wait a bit before releasing Fallout 76 into such a crowded retail month. Bethesda will most probably announce the release date during their E3 conference as well.

Fallout games aren't known for being delivered in July, but they aren't usually online survival games either.

The studio has now been re-branded as Bethesda Game Studios Austin and is reportedly assisting in the development of Fallout 76, which makes an online multiplayer experience look all the more likely.

Fallout 4 was the last installment in the franchise and it was launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC so we are sure that these will be confirmed consoles for Fallout 76 as well. This has now been changed to the much more vague December 31, 2019. This could be a natural fit for the Fallout IP, due to its traditional scavenging elements, the and Bethesda's efforts to improve its combat system over the years.