E3 2018: The Elder Scrolls returns to mobile with ambitious RPG Blades


Check out the very brief Starfield teaser above, and equally brief Elder Scrolls teaser below.

Bethesda has been talking about a sci-fi adventure game for a while now, but at their press conference last night, they finally teased the audiences with a clip from their new space epic, Starfield.

Mobile gaming is insane big these days. Howard was insistent that the game will be fully playable offline, but he also said that "every surviving human is a real player".

In the spirit of Fallout Shelter and Elder Scrolls Legends, Elder Scrolls: Blades is a mobile app taking place in the universe of one of Bethesda's great franchises. This is an effective use of resources to keep players engaged without having to rely on the other titles that do not sell almost as much in the next 4 years as they finish those games.

Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer survival game.

In addition to iOS, the game will also be available on Android.

At its heart, "Blades" at its heart is a pure Elder Scrolls game, the company said when it announced the title.

Elder Scrolls Blades    
Elder Scrolls Blades MORE INFO TO COME

We were huge, huge fans of the rebooted "Doom" and to see it get a sequel is just fantastic. Maybe now Bethesda will stop re-releasing Skyrim.

The announcement from Bethesda is certainly good news for fans of the Elder Scrolls series of games.

While we really wish that we had more information to share with you regarding the finer details of this game, we tragically do not. Bethesda is not afraid of a little self-referential humor and released a humorous trailer for Alexa Skyrim: Very Special Edition with Keegan-Michael Key playing the game on Amazon's Alexa followed by a pager, an Etch-A-Sketch, and a Samsung refrigerator. It's an attempt to create a full "true" Elder Scrolls experience as a mobile game. The game can be played in landscape and portrait mode, so any mobile gamers out there that aren't used to portrait mode games or just busy with their other hand can still explore the mobile scale whenever they want, however they want.

Bethesda hasn't revealed a firm release date, but says the game will be available for download later this year. Bethesda plans to port Blades to PC, consoles, and release a VR version.

Typhon Hunter will be a free update for owners of the Mooncrash DLC, which is out now.

A preview of the game was shown at E3 over the weekend, showcasing its astonishing graphics, massive open world, and entertaining gameplay.

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