Boston Celtics: Kyrie Irving would be stupid to leave Boston


With LeBron's Cavs down 3-0 in the NBA Finals for the second year in a row against the Golden State Warriors, James' impending free agency decision has begun to heat up, as it looks like another disappointing end to the season for LeBron and Cleveland. No, I don't know.

They've got to prove it with some savvy moves this offseason, but while I was happy to believe Sheridan's reports in 2014, I take exception now.

Golden State did find ways to make game six and seven interesting after falling behind early.

We live in an era where the players have all the power, and soon enough it will be Kyrie Irving's turn. After all, the Warriors have been torturing LeBron year after year with their wonderful constructed team. Among the notable pieces shipped out were Isaiah Thomas, who had never found a groove since arriving, while injured, from Boston, and Dwayne Wade, who was scoring just 11 points a game, half his career average, in Cleveland. The latest rumor has the Boston Celtics very much in play to make a run at James.

The video shows shark divers with sharks on the seafloor and includes game-like commentary bemoaning a player on the Humans team - LeBron as a shark diver - for flopping upon the least bit of contact with a Sharks player (an actual shark). Golden State with like 100 superheroes and then Houston with 100 superheroes and then they fight.

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The press release did not mention full exclusivity, but not other platforms were mentioned, at least for now. Sid Shuman who announced the game said that this countdown is PlayStation's way of trying something new.

The expectation is that James will do exactly that and test the open market by declining his $35.6 million player option for next season.

"I told him I would love to play with a big like you, man, when we played them in the beginning of the season when he came to Boston, " Irving said during Saturday's Media Day at All-Star Weekend.

James did not disparage the 2017-18 Cavs' talent, but discussed what his team is lacking against the Warriors, and it might not apply to just this series.

"The room for error versus a team like this is slim to none". Not only would James enjoy playing with the Warriors, he would also have life after basketball. It's like playing San Antonio. Tristan Thompson and Jeff Green must win the battle on the boards and dominate the paint to slow the tempo. And if he hadn't gotten injured, his current team, the Celtics, nearly assuredly would have beaten his old team in Cleveland and gotten to the Finals. If they don't, the noise regarding James leaving Cleveland for a new team will likely only grow louder. "Whether you live up to it or not, you've got to be OK with your effort and your intensity and whatnot and the result of the game", Curry said.