Angelina Jolie Could Lose Primary Custody Of Her Kids With Brad Pitt


According to a new report, the judge in the couple's divorce case believes it's "harmful" to the children if Angelina continues to restrict access to Brad.

According to documents, the issue stems from the children's lack of relationship with their father due to the amount of time they are spending with Jolie.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the red carpet in 2015.

Maddox is not included in this part of the deal but 14-year-old Pax, 13-year-old Zahara, 12-year-old Shiloh, 9 year-old Knox, and 9-year-old Vivienne are.

While Jolie is in the United Kingdom filming Maleficent from June 8 until June 17, Pitt will get to spend time with at least one of his younger five children for at least four hours a day under the supervision of a doctor. The schedule doesn't include Maddox, 16, because he's older and the judge has decided that he should decide on his own how much time he wants to spend with his father. The therapist will meet with the children before and after each two-day period. has contacted Brad and Angelina's reps for further comment.

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From June 27 to July 1, the actor again gets custody of one or two children at a time for ten hours, and the children will be accompanied by a child therapist.

Furthermore, the judge has provided Angie with a new cell phone policy that states that the filmmaker must provide Brad with all of the kids numbers enabling him to call of text them at free will. Jolie will not be present during Pitt's time with his children.

From July 8 through July 14, Pitt gets the kids for four consecutive days and gets to choose how he fills those time slots and with which children.

A child psychologist will have to join Pitt on his visits during his time in London and Jolie, 43, has been ordered to not be present during Pitt's time with the kids. Jolie is responsible for the children traveling back to Los Angeles, and Pitt will be responsible for getting them back to London.

Furthermore, the judge said in court documents, "If the minor children remain closed down to their father and depending on the circumstances surrounding this condition, it may result in a reduction of the time they spend with [Jolie] and may result in the Court ordering primary physical custody to [Pitt]". Upon his return to Los Angeles, Pitt will have custody of the kids from July 21 to 29. In late July, they'll be with him in L.A. for about a week. But Jolie and Pitt seemed to bury the hatchet in January 2017, releasing a joint statement saying they had agreed to handle their divorce in a private forum and would work together to reunify their family.