Yes, Atlas is running, but please don't freak out


Boston Dynamics shared a new video Thursday of its famous humanoid robot jogging across a lawn and up a hill.

Boston Dynamics knows exactly how to get our attention, and the firm's latest two videos show its robots self-navigate both inside and outside.

Boston Dynamics is rapidly developing the expanding line of robots. Atlas last year achieved the ability to backflip last year in November, and in a few months' time it has turned into a pro jogger.

The scene is nearly peaceful and idyllic, except for the pervasive whirring and clanking of Atlas' motors, gears and joints, and the sense of growing unease that comes with witnessing the inexorable approach of our future robot overlords.

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SpotMini still moves like a robot, but now benefits from fully autonomous navigation.

Before making the autonomous run, the SpotMini was manually driven through the space to build a map of the surroundings using data from multiple cameras.

"SpotMini autonomously navigates a specified route through an office and lab facility".

We also remember the robotic dog SpotMini, which broke the internet with its comparison to the killing machines in the popular TV show Black Mirror after it was seen opening a door in the video.