Woman indicted in vehicle crash that killed 2 children


- Authorities have charged a Staten Island woman for driving through a red light and running over two children, killing them, in a Brooklyn crosswalk two months ago.

Authorities had earlier said Bruns "suffered a medical episode". Bruns faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted of the top charge.

Attorney information for Bruns on Thursday was not immediately available.

She was instructed not to drive for one year due to her medical condition upon her discharge and again during follow-up appointments on January 16 and February 13, the DA's office says.

At a January 16 follow-up appointment, she was told again to not get behind the wheel, but her auto was allegedly involved in a fender bender in Staten Island on January 20, according to the media release. "I do not know why she was let go", the mayor said.

Police took her license the day after the crash. Bruns murdered Abigail Blumenstein, 4, and Joshua Lew, inch, along with that the girl of &actress and I & rdquo; ldquo; King Ruthie Ann Miles - throughout a crash near Fifth Avenue about March 5.

Despite the severity of the crash, victim Ruthie Ann Miles, who was critically injured, and pregnant, was able to emerge from the ICU. Her unborn child was not harmed.

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Bruns instructed police that she endured a seizure whilst driving down Ninth Street, inducing her to shed control of her Volvo prior to hitting on on the children, who crossed the street.

It was not clear if Bruns had been driving the auto at the time of those violations.

In mid-February, according to the prosecutor, the 44-year-old multiple sclerosis patient was ordered by her doctor not to drive for a year. "The neurologist knew that and wrote a letter that she can resume all previous functions".

"It's very rare to get these charges", said one Brooklyn insider, who declined to comment on the record, pending the formal announcement of the charges and the follow up by District Attorney Eric Gonzalez.

"After a thorough investigation that started in the hours after the crash, my office indicted the driver for recklessly causing their deaths".

"Her alleged insistence on driving, despite doctor's orders and serious medical conditions that prevented her from safely doing so, was not only irresponsible, it was unlawful", Gonzalez said. "I intend to now hold her accountable and urge all drivers to heed instructions of medical professionals and never drive a vehicle when told not to", Gonzalez said.

Investigators later learned Bruns suffered from multiple sclerosis and had a history of seizures, and that her vehicle had a history of eight violations of school zone speed limits and red light violations.