Teachout considering run for NY attorney general


We taped this segment before the allegations against Eric Schneiderman came to light, and we sincerely apologize for characterizing him as a hero when, to so many women, he was the vilest villain. We have your back and we are fighting for you'.

The 63-year-old Schneiderman led the effort to shut down Trump University in 2016.

"A tremendous betrayal. There's no other way to put it", Kluger said. Selvaratnam, who is Sri Lankan, says Schneiderman called her his "brown slave" and demanded she call him "Master".

"It just came out of nowhere", she said. "This is a man who has staked his entire career, his personal narrative, on being a champion for women publicly".

"Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone - next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman".

Powerful fellow Democrats, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, called for his resignation.

He's also dug into the Trump family, looking into whether Trump personally benefited from his eponymous charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation (and ultimately prompting a shutdown of the foundation), and probing the charity of the president's son, Eric Trump over similar allegations.

Schneiderman's probes of Trump-related endeavors didn't end there. "In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity", he said on Twitter.

The New York Police Department said in a statement that it had no complaints against Mr Schneiderman but would "investigate them thoroughly" if it receives any.

The New Yorker article was written by Jane Mayer, a celebrated reporter for the magazine, and Ronan Farrow, who recently shared in a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on accusations against Weinstein. "This was not '50 Shades of Grey.' This was not grey at all in their minds".

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"In these types of cases, reluctant women are not the kind of witnesses prosecutors want to have", he noted.

He is denying all of the accusations. In an email, press secretary Amy Spitalnick wrote: "Our office's work continues".

The Manhattan District Attorney's office is opening an investigation of the allegations. The description of the second video has also been replaced and now reads, "Hi viewers, we published this web exclusive before we found out that Eric Schneiderman was a total d-bag".

The incident in which Schneiderman was alleged to have slapped a woman who withdrew from his romantic advances took place in the Hamptons, which is within Suffolk County.

After the New Yorker article's publication, Manning Barish tweeted a link to it and wrote: "After the most hard month of my life-I spoke up".

Before the scandal, Schneiderman had been running for a third four-year term in the fall.

NY law mandates the state Senate and Assembly come together in a joint session to appoint a new attorney general if a vacancy occurs.

State law gives the Legislature the authority to appoint a successor to the attorney general with a joint vote by the Senate and Assembly.

Barbara Underwood has been sworn in as acting Attorney General.

"Protecting all Americans from harm, regardless of their relationship to their abuser or their gender", he added, "is and will remain one of the most important aspects of our ongoing pursuit of equal justice under law".