Pickup truck hits Southwest Airlines' plane on BWI runway Monday morning


Southwest Airlines, which has gone in five years from no presence at all to the second-largest carrier at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, is about to expand its footprint again.

According to the statement, no injuries have been reported. Passengers got off the plane using air stairs that are pulled to the aircraft, the aviation safety agency said.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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None of the 103 passengers were injured on the "uneventful" landing on Monday night, Southwest confirmed.

Southwest added that the captain, believing that the plane would need to land at increased speeds, elected to land at a longer runway at Dallas Fort-Worth. "With Southwest's low fares, daily service and convenient flight times, families now have the ability to fly together to Florida - and to visit grandparents, family and seven of the top theme parks in the US - including Walt Disney World".

Jennifer Riordan, 43 of New Mexico, was partially sucked out of the broken window before passengers were able to pull her back in. Emergency personnel also arrived to monitor the landing.