No, Michelle Wolf was not arrested for bestiality in Hershey, Pa.


But let's keep in mind that Wolf is a comedian - she's not an elected official, and the people who booked her knew her comedy style before she stepped to the podium. That's like a parent sending an email saying 'yesterday's birthday was meant to celebrate Kevin turning six years old. If you wanted everyone in the room to be treated with kid gloves then Wolf shouldn't have been hired. By declaring the dinner "DEAD" - after yet another humiliating comic takedown of him and his enablers - the president is testing his authoritarian impulse against American traditions of unfettered and even offensive speech.

"It's not amusing because Michelle should've had the decency not to comment on women's appearances in any way, shape or form", Noah said sarcastically. And yeah, sure, you can groan all you want. And who could forget the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which Trump said he could grab women "by the pussy" without their consent because he was a celebrity and could "do anything". "This was a roast...being mad at her for doing her job is like being mad at the valet for briefly stealing your vehicle".

"Very clearly that is a comment that is about Sarah Huckabee Sanders's looks and it's not a compliment", Mair said.

Wolf also targeted Vice President Mike Pence ("what happens when Anderson Cooper isn't gay"), counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway ("has the ideal last name for what she does"), first daughter Ivanka Trump ("done nothing to satisfy women. like father like daughter").

Begun in 1921, the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner has been attended by every President at least once during their term in office, beginning with President Calvin Coolidge in 1924.

Colbert addressed Wolf's comments on Sanders "smokey eye" makeup by showing a picture of Sanders and her father, Mike Huckabee, both with heavy eye makeup on.

Blaze reported at site of future Trump hotel in Azerbaijan
Trump had partnered in the development with the son of a former minister of transportation in the oil-rich former Soviet state. The Trump Organization canceled its licensing deal for the planned hotel in December 2016, one month after Trump was elected.

"At this event roasting the administration and the media, you know who got mad? She is filthy and she is mean, which is what we love about her because those are wonderful qualities for a comedian and bad qualities for free world leaders". "During the dinner, [Michelle Wolf] mocked journalists and politicians", he told his audience.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is usually an event for DC reporters to inflate their self importance and mingle among the people who they cover in their stories.

Comedy writer Nell Scovell, who helped with jokes for President Barack Obama, says comedians are stepping up in a way that journalists aren't, pointing to the jokes about Sanders and lying. "It's only an excuse when the insults are coming from the president", Noah said.

While conservatives and democrats continue to debate whether the comedienne went too far, Netflix sits on pins and needles as it prepares to roll out a new comedy/variety series starring the Daily Show veteran on May 27. In fact, I think I'm going to ask friends to call me Aunt Lydia from now on!

Past comedians "go kind of table by table pointing at people and making fun of them, in a way that I think used to be fun because the dinner used to have the president there", she said.