Iran plans to OVERWHELM and DESTROY Israel, former general warns


For months now the Iranians have been conducting a military build-up in southern and south-western Syria with the single objective in mind of encroaching on Israel's sovereignty and their security.

The S-300 is one of the most advanced air defense systems in the world.

During a tour of northern Israel Saturday, Zandberg said that Israelis had been through an intense week as fears of violence mounted following the confrontation.

Russian Federation offered to supply the Syrian regime with the missile system, despite Israel's objections, about a month ago, after Western military strikes in Syria. Iranian officials have rejected any new accord.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 27 pro-Syrian fighters were killed on Thursday when Israeli jets hit targets in Syria.

Israel has blamed the Revolutionary Guard's al-Quds Force for the attack Thursday.

Following the move, the USA reimplemented heavy sanctions against Iran, including on six individuals and three companies the administration says has channeled millions of dollars to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's elite Qods Force.

A photo released by the Israeli military on May 11, 2018 showing alleged Iranian intelligence sites in Syria.

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Iran has advisers and experts and has backed tens of thousands of militiamen who are fighting alongside Assad's forces in the civil war.

"I will take this opportunity to send a message to Assad: Get rid of the Iranians, get rid of Qasem Soleimani and the Quds Force, they are not helping you, they only cause damage, and their presence will only cause problems and damages", Lieberman said.

Liberman also told Israelis they should not let the threat from Syria deter them from visiting the north.

Bearing in mind that the Turkish election will be held by the end of next month, it's practically inconceivable that Ankara would walk back on its announcement if Washington does indeed sanction it because it might lead to political suicide for the ruling AK Party, though it can't be precluded that the United States will in fact escalate tensions via these means given the asymmetrically aggressive unpredictability of the Trump Administration.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (C) meets with Golan Regional Council head Eli Malka (L) and Katrzin Regional Council head Dmitry Apartzev (R) during a tour of the Golan Heights town of Katzrin on May 11, 2018.

The more deadly of the attacks came early Thursday morning, when Israel struck positions in multiple locations across the country thought to be hosting Iranian military assets and personnel.

Israel, which nearly never comments on strikes inside Syria, did not admit to carrying out Tuesday's attack, but it occurred shortly after the Israeli military went on "high alert" in response to "unusual movements of Iranian forces in Syria".