Google will remind the user to stop watching videos on YouTube


The Take a Break and other notification features are available in the latest version (13.17.55) of the YouTube app.

The reminders will come with an option of being dismissed and the feature will also allow users to disable notification sounds during a specified time period each day. How many times can you learn how Burger Chef failed, or watch Chris Chambliss' 1976 pennant winning homer for the Yankees, or even replay Ray Allen's miracle 3-pointer that helped LeBron win his second title with the Heat.

Over the past few days since I/O, I've been messing around with the Google News app for Android, a replacement for the old, neglected Google Play Newsstand app. Google's pitch for this app is that it brings together all of the stories you care about, without you having to go hunt them down.

You can not just open the app by ignoring the time limit either. Thankfully, I have it on my Android device. Here are the five features we're most excited to see when Android P launches later this year. The app is available on Android, iOS and the web, and anyone is able to use it, all you need is a Google account to sign in. Before, it would sometimes switch to the less commonly used Ring or Alarm volumes.

You can set break reminders in the YouTube app by visiting Settings.

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You also can turn the Do Not Disturb on just by putting your smartphone face down.

These new features will not be the final ones from Google created to help make people shut down their phone for just a little while. That is great if you have work apps and personal apps setup separately.

It's also nice on this main page that you get a search option that you can use to find a specific topic or service, and there's also a weather option to see forecasts. That will happen if you try to use the app beyond your set limits. In case you have somehow made an in-app purchase unwittingly, getting a refund for this may not be easy as returning paid apps.

Google could counter this by sending you alerts encouraging you to put down your phone, although that would be ironic. Just keep in mind, both were created to expand where and how you interact with apps. This can be done without ever going into the app.