Cohen distances himself from business associate who struck plea deal


At the time, Cohen said the taxes were owed not by him but by Freidman.

On May 5, a New York Times article headlined, "How Michael Cohen, Trump's Fixer, Built a Shadowy Business Empire", reported that Cohen and Freidman were business partners and mentioned the pending state case against Freidman in Albany.

Cohen and the Ukrainians who are believed to have worked with him denied the story to the BBC.

A spokeswoman for the NY state attorney general did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Reuters.

Sources in Ukraine told the BBC that Poroshenko believed that Trump's Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, would win the US presidency, and had authorized the leak of a document that was published by The New York Times in August 2016.

Cohen's role as Trump's personal attorney has come under increasing scrutiny, due in large part to the payment he conceded facilitating to the adult film star Stormy Daniels.

He wrote, "Gene Freidman and I are not partners and have never been partners in this business or any other".

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Though sources did not suggest that Trump requested Poroshenko "to kill the [Paul] Manafort investigation", the report did cite one Kiev source who stated that Poroshenko offered Trump a gift, which was that the Ukraine would no longer look for information to prove the Trump campaign allegedly colluded with Russian to win the 2016 presidential election.

"Blatant lie, slander and fake".

His official says a "back channel" to Trump was established by an aide, who used contacts in a New York Jewish charity called the Port of Washington Chabad. So yeah, he knows a lot about Michael Cohen. He also denies knowledge of the payment. He also took pains to depict the taxi industry as a force for civic good, stating that "my best days" started on September 12, 2001, when people wouldn't employ "people of color or different ethnicities, and they all became taxi drivers".

According to people with knowledge of his pitches, Cohen said he had the ultimate access to President Trump, while Lewandowski wouldn't be able to get things done.

"I have to assume that maybe there was a discussion of doing this", he said of such an arrangement between Cohen and Ukraine. Manafort had been accused of being paid millions by pro-Russian interests in Ukraine in reports by the Associated Press and New York Times.

The Ukrainian investigation into Manafort did not end following the visit with Trump, according to the BBC, which said the file was passed on to the state prosecutor's office, where it did not move forward.