Cat Manages to Evade Authorities for almost a Week at JFK Airport


A cat who escaped from her carrier at a NY airport last week has been found safe and is set to be reunited with her owner. Tang said when Pepper emerged, "She started screaming at me, like 'Where have you been?"

Port Authority Police Officer Kameel Juman, who had spearheaded the search for Pepper, enlisted Tang's help and managed to finally snare the cat.

Tang had a secret weapon - she knows Pepper's Mandarin name, Dai Meng, which loosely translated means "little dork".

Officer Juman and Tang then placed Pepper in her carrier. "Pepper jumped onto the check-in counter, then leapt onto a low roof of the check-in kiosk and disappeared".

"I grabbed some duct tape and sealed up the cat carrier", the 15-year PAPD veteran laughed.

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The 29-year-old owner missed her flight to look for her beloved house pet, but eventually boarded a flight the following day when she was unable to find her.

The friend will be responsible for getting Pepper to the owner. "We were so devastated". When the cat stubbornly remained out of arm's reach, they set up humane animal traps with cat food for bait - but they still had no luck. The Daily News reports, "She was checking into her flight with the cat about 11:30 a.m. Friday when the feline's carrier fell and popped open".

Pepper will continue to rest with Tang until her owner returns to the United States to take her home to China.

"The pigeon population in the terminal declined when she was there", he joked.