Biologist, 104, ends life to Beethoven's Ode To Joy


The renowned botanist and ecologist passed away while listening to Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" at the Life Circle clinic in Basel. But the practice is frowned upon by many doctors and some others who say it should be reserved for the terminally ill. "I am happy I have the chance to end it". He held academic positions in the United Kingdom, U.S., and Australia, retired in 1979 and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2016.

Matt Valliere, executive director of Patients Rights Action Fund, told CNA in e-mail comments that it would "be a mistake" to use Goodall's death as an example in advocating for legalized assisted suicide. Especially after David's 20 odd years of membership of Exit International.

Goodall's home state Perth is now debating whether to introduce the policy.

In 2015, 965 people died by assisted suicide in Switzerland, according to the country's federal statistics bureau. Since Monday, he's had consultations with doctors, including a psychiatrist, and was visited by the Swiss police. "I no longer want to continue life", Goodall told journalists on Wednesday.

The day before his death, Dr Goodall attended a press conference sporting a jumper bearing the words "Ageing disgracefully".

"That which I would like is to get different states to follow Switzerland's guide and make them facilities available for all clients, should they satisfy certain demands, and also certain requirements perhaps not only of age, but instead of mental capacity".

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During his final hours on Earth, Goodall enjoyed his favourite dinner: fish and chips and cheesecake.

Goodall took his life with an intravenous drip of pentobarbital, a chemical often used as an anesthetic but which is lethal in excessive doses.

"In 1998 ECU appointed him as an Honorary Research Associate (and was later appointed an Honorary Research Fellow), a role he held up until his passing". The grandfather of 12 wanted "no funeral, no remembrance service or ceremony", Exit International noted.

According to the Exit International website, Goodall requested that his body be donated to medicine and that his ashes be spread locally. He didn't believe in the afterlife.

He said he hoped his story would "increase the pressure" on governments to change laws on assisted suicide.

Critics have said that Goodall's death was not simply a personal choice, but a political one that could have devastating consequences on vulnerable populations such as the elderly, the poor, and the disabled.