Avengers: Infinity War Just Opened To Huge Numbers In China


With a $200M (RMB 1.266B) debut, the Disney/Marvel movie becomes the 2nd biggest industry three-day bow behind The Fate Of The Furious (in local currency).

In a shocking sequence of events, the Avengers are incapable of stopping Thanos who manages to collect the six Infinity Stones and basically destroy half of the world's population with a snap of his ugly purple fingers. And that's without such major markets as China, France and Japan, where it has yet to open. After that, there's a host of global tentpoles to follow.

According to the brothers, Howard The Duck, whom we have seen twice in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, is marked under safe.

But let's still revisit that China opening. Some honest fans suggested him to watch all the Marvel films to be able to appreciate Infinity War. This must have definitely gone OTT over the superstar, having not watched any of the previous movies, we assume. That's why we call this the No. 2 bow ever as noted above. "Went to watch a film AVENGERS could not understand what exactly was happening in the film". This clearly had no impact on the opening weekend. The John Krasinski-directed thriller has now earned $169.6 million domestically. Still, the country's growing movie fan base is generating hundreds of millions of dollars for USA film studios, even though their cut of Chinese ticket sales is half that of what it is at home.

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The full overseas weekend was worth $281.3M in 100% of the footprint.

For all other Marvel virgins, Avengers: Infinity War is the 19th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that started a decade ago with Robert Downey Jr-starrer Iron Man.

The China total included $20.5 million from 514 IMAX screens. Marvel subtly nodded to the relationship in Captain America: Civil War and Thor: Ragnarok, so it's clear that the studio still acknowledges the romance, but it does not seem particularly interested in making that a front and center narrative element.

The global highlights so far are as follows: China ($200M); Korea ($84.6M); United Kingdom ($82.1M); Brazil ($55.6M); Mexico ($54.8M); India ($41.0M); Australia ($40.7M); France ($39.8M); Germany ($36.1M); Russian Federation ($28.6M); Japan ($27.8M); Indonesia ($24.4M); Philippines ($21.8M); Spain ($21.3M); Italy ($21.0M); Taiwan ($19.3M); Hong Kong ($18.6M); Thailand ($17.2M); and Malaysia ($16.6M).