US judge rules against Trump move to end DACA program


The number of DACA recipients totaled 693,850 nationally and 31,880 in NY at the end of March, according to USCIS. Such "meager legal reasoning", as Bates declared, won't get the Trump administration's fight for the removal of illegal immigrants anywhere far.

The Department of Homeland Security has 90 days to make its case to justify ending the program.

The program now protects about 694,000 Dreamers from deportation, all of whom are able to renew their current benefits under the two previous court rulings. They received a two-year reprieve from deportation that can be renewed. It now protects some 690,000 people who registered, not only affording them protection from being deported, but also allowing them to work legally. If it fails to do so, the government must start processing first-time applications, as well, Bates ruled. Judge Titus's District of Maryland ruling upholding the end of DACA had granted plaintiffs this.

As part of the decision, the judge postponed the effect of his ruling for 90 days.

Kathleen Campbell Walker: Employers are able to continue to rely on a workforce that presents work authorization cards based on C33 status, since renewals may continue.

"Because DHS failed to even acknowledge how heavily DACA beneficiaries had come to rely on the expectation that they would be able to renew their DACA benefits, its barebones legal interpretation was doubly insufficient and can not support DACA's rescission", Bates wrote. So, our state has many who benefit from ongoing renewals.

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It would potentially allow new applications to come in.

In the meantime, Congress finally should do its job and extend the program, which has bipartisan support, rather than allowing the lives of 700,000 young people to be used as chips in a political poker game.

What challenges do you foresee for DACA recipients going forward? On the DACA version of the joke, see Josh Blackman's January 2018 NR column "A ludicrous ruling that Trump can't end DACA".

But Trump made a decision to toss DACA overboard. Certainly, the future may hold a legislative end or remedy to the DACA challenge. In excising the program, however, the administration offered no real explanation - other than to say that it was illegal. DACA is a temporary fix. Although he says it's still not a permanent solution.

"This decision verifies the Trump administration failed to prove the DACA program is illegal", Noorani said.

"DACA is constitutional, deal with it", the ACLU said.

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