National School Walkout Day Draws Students To Portland City Hall Rally


West High School students lead the school's version of National School Walkout, an initiative that draws attention to the gun violence discussion on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. "We feel that's important", 15-year-old Ronan Kellerher told WBRC.

The students are calling on lawmakers to pass what they say are common-sense gun reform measures. A similar event at Palmer High School instead focused on increasing kindness between students. "We need to fix our society somewhere to definitely lower the amount of gun deaths", said Seth Cournoyer, a junior.

Hundreds of Minnesota students gathered on the steps of the State Capitol Friday to call for an end to gun violence and stricter regulations on gun sales.

"I think they should've taken more precautions to make sure that wouldn't have happened", Shelby said. In Northeast Indiana students wanted until after school to host rallies.

"We're all still recovering and processing and there's not one person in there who is over it because we all want to see things change", Hayley said.

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"I have little siblings who are in school right now, and I just want them to be safe". Watkins said. "What if I was a school shooter?"

"I'm not here saying we want to take away your guns because students were shot with guns because that's not the problem". Everything seems to just be the beginning of more discussion talks between students and other elected officials.

"Metal detectors", Watkins said. Fresno Unified Superintendent Bob Nelson allowed students to speak and listened to their concerns. "Now that it is finally affecting white communities, people are starting to realize that something is very, very wrong". "Well, we do matter".

Following the March 14 walkout, organizers emphasized they were not against gun ownership but rather the violence caused by some individuals.