BC ready to fight back against Alberta fuel restrictions


"We did not start this fight, but let there be any doubt we will do whatever it takes to build this pipeline and get top dollar in return for the oil and gas products that are owned by all Albertans".

Political attempts to strong-arm B.C. - such as Alberta cutting back oil exports to the province or Ottawa withholding infrastructure dollars - appear to be less effective in getting those now opposed to the project to say "yes".

Alberta ships more of those products to B.C. than Saskatchewan does, but Moe is aiming to ensure his province won't be "filling up the taps" if they are left empty by Alberta.

"I'm pretty confident that this is going to get done". "If there's anything in this legislation that even suggests a possibility of discrimination against British Columbians, we will take every step necessary to protect the interests of British Columbians because it would be completely illegal".

Alberta's proposed legislation and B.C.'s response are the latest manoeuvres in the escalating dispute over the $7.4 billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion that runs from Edmonton to Burnaby, B.C. The federal and Alberta governments support the project, while B.C. opposes it, saying it is defending its coast from a potentially catastrophic oil products spill.

Neither he nor his government have done anything illegal in opposing Kinder Morgan's pipeline proposal, and yet B.C.is being threatened in the most extraordinary manner.

Earlier this month, Kinder Morgan - the USA -based pipeline builder - announced it was stopping any non-essential spending for the project.

The bill comes on the heels of a Sunday meeting in Ottawa between Notley, B.C. Premier John Horgan and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Horgan made clear that Trudeau made no threats and made it clear he had no intention of punishing B.C. residents.

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Calendinobrought up the idea of the pipeline being "the saviour of the economy", and asked why the federal government isn't financially backing housing or veterans instead.

Cutting off the supply of gasoline to B.C. would have a significant impact to the province, adding at least 45 cents per litre to Lower Mainland gas prices, said GasBuddy senior petroleum analyst Dan McTeague. About 34% say the environmental risks outweigh the economic benefit while the same number (35%) say the opposite and the rest (30%) say the risks and benefits of the project are about the same.

"You need to have as many tools on the table to get this done". He noted Trudeau's father would not have stood for what the Horgan government is doing - despite his reputation as an oilsands opponent.

British Columbia could turn to Washington state refiners for supply, assuming those plans are still allowed to access Canadian crude.

Lawyer Joseph Arvay has been hired by the province to craft the question.

David Eby said government legal experts looked at the legislation Alberta tabled Monday and concluded it's unconstitutional, against the law and created to not be enacted.

The pipeline project was given federal approval in 2016, construction began on Westridge Marine Terminal on September 29, 2017. They face contempt of court charges for allegedly breaching a court injunction.

Greg McDade, lead counsel in the municipality's ongoing legal challenge against Ottawa, said talk of a constitutional crisis is "ridiculous" because the federal process that green-lit Kinder Morgan in the first place was "flawed".

"Making unilateral decisions about projects on unceded Indigenous territories is the exact opposite of reconciliation".