As US, North Korea Plan to Meet, Iran Warns Against Trump Deals


In an interview with reporters at an Iranian official residence overlooking New York's Central Park, Zarif said that the Trump administration had the "option to kill the deal, but they have to face the consequences ..."

In addition to USA isolation from the rest of the world, "Iran has many options and those options are not pleasant", including "resuming at much greater speed our nuclear activities", he said on CBS News's "Face the Nation".

Zarif said that two possible options are starting a 45-day process under the agreement, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, to resolve issues of alleged noncompliance or resuming its nuclear program, but he said those were not the only options.

"We have put a number of options for ourselves, and those options are ready", Zarif said.

After his arrival, Trump called the pact one of the worst deals and also asked Britain, France and Germany to reach a consensus to fix the deal or else, threatened to stop extending the U.S. sanctions relief.

"We will have to build the new Syria after [the Islamic State is defeated], and that's why I think the USA hold is very important", Macron said.

He said it was "highly unlikely" that Iran would stay inside the JCPOA if the USA effectively pulled out.

European leaders are hoping to influence Trump to save lots of the deal in the event that they, in flip, conform to press Iran to enter into settlement on missile exams and moderating its regional affect in Yemen, Syria and Lebanon.

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Zarif said there were several courses of action being considered by Tehran if the U.S. changes or leaves the nuclear deal, including complaining through a dispute mechanism set up by the agreement or leaving the deal completely by restarting its nuclear activities.

"America below the Trump administration has completed all the things it might to forestall Iran from benefiting from this settlement", Zarif charged.

Zarif said that the downing of the Israeli F-16 ended Israel's "invincibility myth in our region".

"You do not engage in negotiations by exercising disrespect for a country, for its people, for its government, by openly making claims, including this illusion about regime change", Zarif said, according to interview excerpts. "Then you do not leave much room for a genuine dialogue".

"We will not be the first to violate the accord, but they should definitely know that they will regret it if they violate it", he said.

"Iran has many options and those options are not pleasant", he added.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman cautioned Iran that "there is a price to be paid" for jeopardizing Israeli security.

"I do think if nothing changes with the three European members we're dealing with right now on a framework", Corker said on ABC's "This Week" Sunday, "I do think he will move away from the agreement on May 12".