Washington Legislature passes net-neutrality bill after FCC's repeal of new rules


Net neutrality is the principle that ISPs - like Comcast and Verizon - should treat all internet content equally, even though it can be manipulated for business advantage or monetary gain. "Whose side are you on?" he asked the crowd. Brown has previously shown support for net neutrality.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., who held a hearing on this issue in Vermont in 2014 when he was chair of the Judiciary Committee, said in an interview that there is almost enough support in the Senate to pass it.

A bill has now been introduced in the Senate that would undo the FCC's repeal of net neutrality, but it faces nearly impossible odds in the House and with President Trump. If one more senator gets on board, Democrats can prevent a filibuster and pass the bill. The more control these ISPs have over internet access, the more they can maximize their profits at the expense of regular consumers by charging virtual tolls, with the highest bidders cruising along private fast lanes while the rest of us inch along a single, traffic-choked public lane.

"President Trump and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai might want to end the Internet as we know it, but we won't agonize, we will organize", said Senator Markey. "It gives me great pride to stand with Democrats and millions of Americans to defend the promise of a free, open Internet". That means proponents need just one more vote for the CRA to pass the Senate. "There are 50 U.S. senators who have a decision to make: Are they going to listen to lobbyists who are paid to lie to them, or are they going to listen to their constituents and small businesses in their district?" "We should not be relying on a statute enacted in the 1930s to direct regulations for 21st century internet". That is where it is most likely to fall flat. This is particularly crucial if you live in Louisiana, Florida, Alaska, Ohio, Colorado, Utah, Kansas, or Nevada-senators in these states have indicated that they're on the fence!

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Broadband for America, however, contended that the CRA "would be a step backwards". The new Order eviscerated those protections; Congress can use the CRA to bring them back.

Past court cases regarding FCC preemption have also yielded mixed results: The commission lost a 2015 case trying to preempt state laws on municipal broadband networks, but it was successful in a case regarding voice over internet protocol, or VoIP services, like Skype.

On Monday, the conservative group FreedomWorks launched its own day of action, where it targeted Republican lawmakers who may be on the fence with regard to net neutrality.

Activists have staged protests around the USA and online, saying dominant broadband providers could favour their own services and hinder those of rivals and charge more for certain kinds of access. Susan Collins of ME - support what would be a 16 joint congressional resolution.