US House votes to pass $1.3 trillion spending bill


President Trump on Friday afternoon signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill passed by Congress early Friday morning.

The White House later said Trump supported the deal. "I can't sit here and tell you and your viewers that we love everything in the bill", he said on Fox. "It is imperative that we curb Washington's out-of-control spending addiction that has not been slowed under Republican rule", Walker said.

If no action is taken by midnight tomorrow, the USA government would shut down for the third time this year.

A renegotiation is unlikely very soon as many lawmakers are out of Washington for two weeks recess.

"I am considering a VETO of the Omnibus Spending Bill", Trump tweeted, suggesting the deal did not do enough to help 800,000 immigrants holding a de facto amnesty, which he rescinded.

No deal on DACA but who's to blame?

It has also unlocked almost $1.6 billion in funds for the construction of fencing on the Mexican border.

Without his signature, hundreds of thousands of civil servants would have been put on forced leave, national parks from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone would have faced closure and non-essential services would have stopped.

Several advisers inside and outside the White House characterized the tweet as Trump blowing off steam and said they still expected Trump to sign the legislation.

Alongside these all, he also faces a number of scandals from a defamation lawsuit.

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The spending package provided $1.6 billion for border security of the United States and construction or fix of almost 100 miles (160 kilometers) of border fencing, but that was far less than what Trump had been seeking so far.

"As this funding becomes available, I'll be urging President Trump to follow through on his promise and finally prioritize aid for states like New Hampshire that are reeling from this crisis".

The program "DACA" expired on March 5, but the issue is still being fought in the courts. The plan averts a government shutdown.

The omnibus spending bill, which will fund the government through September, beefs up military and domestic programs, delivering federal funds to every corner of the country.

Mr Ryan was expecting "the biggest increase in defence spending in 15 years" - about US$80 billion above the current spending limits - a move that he said would reverse the damage caused by a decade of budget constraints on the armed forces.

In a statement, Amtrak president Richard Anderson said, "The increased [Northeast Corridor] capital funding will allow us to address many important needs along the Corridor and we look forward to working closely with the Department of Transportation on investing these funds to advance the most critical projects".

Trump's budget director Mick Mulvaney went one step further: "Let's cut right to the chase".

"Is the president going to sign the bill?" The answer is yes. Why?

But if Paul or others do not yield, the earliest leadership could hold a vote would be early Saturday - after the government funding deadline.