Russian runway littered with gold bars after plane loses cargo


The cargo plane was carrying about 18,000 pounds of gold and other precious metals according to local media.

Yakutsk airport said in a statement that the left flap of the cargo hatch of the Nimbus Airlines Antonov AN-12 plane had been torn off by the wind.

The hatch door fell off, causing the contents of the planes hold to haemorrhage valuables.

The Siberian Times reports that the plane was flying to a gold mine in Krasnoyarsk called Kupol.

Technical engineers at the airport who prepared the plane for takeoff have been detained.

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A Russian plane lost its precious cargo on takeoff on Thursday (local time), leaving the runway scattered with nearly AUD$470 million worth of goods.

The Siberian Times posted a YouTube video of all the fallen gold, which would be worth about $122 million, experts told Kommersant, a Russian news agency.

The Cargo belonged to Chukota Mining and Geological company, 75 percent of which is owned by Canadian Kinross Gold Corporation.

The plane was also carrying diamonds and platinum, according to the local newspaper, and was coming from the area of Russian Federation known for diamond mining.

Nobody was reported injured following the golden incident, and most of the spilled treasure has since been recovered, according to a police spokesperson. However, a law enforcement source told TASS that all the bars have been collected.