No Switch 2.0: Nintendo reportedly focussing on peripherals for now


We should hear more from Nintendo regarding the Switch's sales by the end of this month. There's a solution for that. With sales of the console now the fastest ever in the USA, outselling the Wii U in under a year, and expected to sell 20 million more units in the next fiscal year, it's fairly clear why Nintendo wouldn't want to fragment or confuse its player base by releasing a new model.

Nintendo Switch released in March 2017.

The development of the Nintendo Labo definitely seems to be part of the company's long-term strategy.

So what are Nintendo's hardware plans for 2018? Sources told the site that upcoming Switch features this year could include additional network features and new accessories that plug into the USB-C port.

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That information may be disappointing to fans who were eager to purchase a miniature version of the console, but Nintendo's decision to focus on the existing model does make business sense. Nintendo could continue to release new kits carrying the Labo name for years to come.

Nintendo has a long history with both extra peripherals and hardware revisions - with mixed results in both camps. Plus, the Switch has a lot of upcoming new games which should be more than enough to keep users playing and bolster hardware sales. Prospective Nintendo Switch players have already complained about stock shortages with the high demand for the console complete outstripping the supply and Nintendo will want to do its best to address those frustrations.

Nintendo is not interested in making a Switch 2.0.