Mayor, governor join NYC union rally ahead of key court case


The Loop rally, which had protesters marching from Daley Plaza to the Thompson Center, was "part of a nationally coordinated effort" against the Supreme Court case, which "threatens to strip Americans of our freedom to come together in strong unions, build power, and have a voice at work, writes the Illinois Education Association (IEA)".

The Supreme Court hears arguments today regarding the ability of state governments and their labor unions to extract union fees from unwilling employees. The Illinois Public Labor Relations Act requires all employees working at a public agency or public organization to pay a fee for unions to negotiate contracts, even if some employees don't belong to unions.

Since then conservative judge Neil Gorsuch joined the supreme court. They typically back Democratic candidates over Republicans.

"If we lose this case, the entire public sector will be right to work", warns Lee Saunders, president of AFSCME, the big government employees union. The court ruling is about a choice.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who's been at odds with some of the state's unions in the past, has in recent years become an ardent supporter of union rights. "Here, collective bargaining is core political activity", he said, since unions are seeking higher wages and more public spending.

Mark Janus offered the following statement: "Government workers like me should not have to bear the burden of supporting political and policy causes we disagree with in order to serve our communities and state". Janus' lawyers note that these claims "turn, to a large degree, on self-interested judgments by union officials about how they and other union employees spend their time".

The American Civil Liberties Union is on the unions' side against an individual's free speech claims. Fair-share or agency fees may not go for the union's political expenditures, but the groups attacking unions argue the collective bargaining process itself in the public sector is inherently political.

"If people don't have to pay anything, we're going to end up underfunding our unions, and eventually they'll be crippled by it".

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"5-4 in favor of the plaintiff and against the union", Napolitano said. I said, "I'm no 'artist.' I'm a reporter!"

During Monday's argument, the justices appeared split along the usual ideological lines. Justice Kennedy asked David Frederick, the attorney for AFSCME.

In his legal brief, he included a passage that was directed at Gorsuch, who believes in following the "original meaning" of the Constitution.

According to reports from the courtroom, the conservative Justices who spoke, including Justice Anthony Kennedy, seemed sympathetic to the petitioners, while the liberal Justices sided with the unions.

Worthington says regardless of the outcome in Janus v.

He says a survey by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that union members make on average $11,000 more dollars a year for comparable jobs.

"When have we ever done something like that?" A decision in the case is expected no later than June.