Logitech's iPad Crayon and Case are something Apple should've made


Other notable features include an instant pairing-free connection, a flat design to keep it from rolling, a tethered rubber cap, and a pry-resistant tip that can't be removable without using a special tool. Logitech was also present to announce new accessories in addition to their existing line that go well with the new model. Crayon does have support for tilt, though, with Logitech saying it also offers low latency and "sub-pixel precision". This includes an affordable Apple Pencil alternative and a rugged case with keyboard. The problem? The Apple Pencil is a bit too large for young students. It lets users write and draw directly on the screen like you would with a pencil and paper.

The stylus is supported by apps like Keynote, Numbers, and Pages, plus Microsoft Office products and more. With an 8-hour battery life, the Logitech Crayon can go a full school day before it requires charging. However, it is fully compatible on any device that is compatible with the Apple Pencil.

The keyboard physically connects to the Rugged Combo 2 case using a proprietary connector to deliver a secure keyboard connection, making iPad an approved device for testing.

Along with providing protection against bumps, scratches and up-to-four-foot drops, the detachable keyboard also sports pry-resistant keys that are spill-resistant - adding to their durability. The thoughtful secure-sealed design is spill-resistant and the keys are silent so as not to distract surrounding students from their work.

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Speaking of Crayon, it is the first third-party stylus for the iPad that features the same technology as the Apple Pencil. It is also created to be silent, so as not to distract when typing in class.

Schools in the United States will be able to purchase the case and stylus starting this summer; Crayon is priced at $49.99 and the Rugged Combo 2 at $99.99 Dollars.

The Apple Pencil wasn't designed with children in mind, so Logitech's Crayon updates those features to make it a more kid-friendly option.