Lawmaker wants to allow medical marijuana for pets in NY


That is one of the main questions the Hanford City Council faced Tuesday during its regular council meeting, and the answer is still up in the air. Even non-users can recognize that a legal and regulated recreational program generates tax revenue and creates jobs, and not feel the need to limit access to cannabis, or ostracize and punish its users and producers.

"I fully accept that there are legitimate medical uses for marijuana".

IL voters have indicated that Chicago may soon join states like Washington and Colorado in legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

"That man that for the last five years had been safe growing plants and got a license to sell them to people, now it doesn't have that income, so now here goes your other drugs that he can sell, and our kids can still get them", McNary said.

These new regulations mean any business with a medical use cannabis license can not engage in any business with an adult-use licensed business.

Although no dispensaries exist in the area at this time, City Manager Geoff Fruin said their operation is permissible under Iowa City Code. Hence, the licensing decisions and rankings rendered by the Medical Marijuana Commission must not stand, and are, hereby, declared null and void. The manufacturing districts would be limited to industrial districts, the ordinance said.

Thacker said the company has already hired a local construction company for work and is already looking for employees in certain positions for the business in Hanford. "We have every confidence that patients will continue to be served well by Curaleaf". Cities and counties are free to decide where the dispensaries will go. I see that it's an issue for law enforcement, not (enough of) an issue not to pass this.

"If it's just medical use, I can guarantee you, it will not be substantial", Martin said.

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Medical marijuana dispensaries are few and far between throughout Southwest Florida.

The site plan application and special permit request by applicant pharmacist Praveen Dhulipalla for 995 Queen St. will be discussed again on April 3. "We're proposing three facilities to manufacture and distribute it outside [of Hanford].

There are a lot of other crimes to pursue than for smoking marijuana".

Councilman Martin Devine said after doing research he reluctantly went along with the idea of allowing medical cannabis production, but now could not go forward with allowing production of the recreational drug.

Most of the other people I come into contact with may not have any financial or personal stakes in legalized cannabis, but they have no problem with those who do, and recognize that the people who produce, provide, and partake of cannabis are their neighbors, friends, children, parents, and partners-not strung-out addicts, violent cartel members, or whatever probably racist stereotype the anti-cannabis industry has put forth for decades.

"There is also a requirement that there be no odor from there", she said.

"So what this really would accomplish is reducing the black market", Steans said.

The issue must be explored "in order to be fair", Commissioner Peter Salgano said.