IPhone users can finally give Google Lens a try


Book: You can get reviews and other details about it. "When you use Lens on a photo that has phone numbers or an address, you can automatically save this information as a contact on your phone, while events will be added to your calendar".

A year ago at the Google I/O 2017 conference the search giant unveiled Google Lens.

Google released today Google Lens on iOS, making available the discovery functionality on the Google Photos App.

Google has a lot of services and apps available on both Android and iOS platforms, with the search giant's proprietary Assistant and Lens getting big pushes of late, as artificial intelligence slowly creeps into the mainstream.

Landmark or building: You can get more details about it.

A plant or animal: You can learn more about it.

NASA begins Mars 2020 spacecraft pre-launch assembly
The president revealed the plans in an interview shown in a new documentary by Andrey Kondrashov . NASA hopes the mission will help to answer key questions about the potential for life on Mars .

This is pretty neat (but also creepy), leveraging the company's AI efforts to identify objects and places.

If Google Lens hasn't "rolled out" to your device yet, you'll see its "i" instead, as I did this morning.

Google Lens will continue rolling out to iOS users over the next week. We're not seeing the feature in Canada yet on our iPhone. Google Lens is an excellent tool for on-the-go information. Now, it's finally going live for all iOS users according to a post shared on the Google Photos Twitter page.

Google Lens isn't a standalone app, it's built into the Google Photos experience, although it'd be great to see it become a standalone app - maybe Apple should have a similar competitor in place soon.

In Google Photos, Lens can be accessed by tapping the new square camera icon in the bottom toolbar of any image.