Gun Injuries Drop 20% During NRA Convention Every Year


The company's social-media accounts have been flooded with boycott threats.

FedEx issued another clarification Wednesday to its recent statements on discounts for NRA members.

The wine delivery company now offers NRA members discounts on wine subscriptions, including a free one-year membership to the gun-rights group every time $500 is spent.

How many more lives are we going to lose because the members of the administration are in the pockets of the NRA?

But last week, companies led by First National Bank of Omaha and Enterprise Holdings of St. Louis, began pulling NRA discounts. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, a Republican running for governor, lambasted corporations that cut ties with the NRA and said, "Corporations can not attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back".

Researchers have discovered that many of those alleged 5 million are enjoying their membership from the great beyond, as the NRA does not purge its roles when members die.

External Link @Hertz: We have notified the NRA that we are ending the NRA's rental vehicle discount program with Hertz. ThinkProgress reported that NRA members had previously received two free months of SimpliSafe's monitoring with the purchase of a new home security system. A tweeted announcement said "customer feedback has caused us to review our relationship with the NRA".

While the creditcardprocessing company did not release a statement, the company still offers its Shooting Sports Payments Package to NRA members, which guarantees them the lowest possible prices to retailers for credit-and-debit-card processing.

Global stocks turn lower as investors watch Fed comments
Concerns got so high that the S&P 500 spiraled down 10 percent in just nine days at one point, before trimming some of its losses. Stocks of smaller US companies, which tend to do more of their business at home, did much better than the rest of the market.

Researchers were unable to measure whether convention dates also coincided with a decline in gun-related deaths, since gun-related homicides, suicides and fatal accidents are relatively rare.

The NRA says on its website that it has "teamed up" with FedEx "to offer BIG savings" on the shipment giant's services.

L.L. Bean: The retailer, which sells firearms only at its flagship store in ME, said it would stop selling guns and ammunition to anyone under 21. "We concluded if these kids are courageous enough to organize and do what they're doing, we should be fearless enough to take this stand", CEO Edward Stack told CNN.

I'm hopeful that this movement continues and grows (as I write this, Walmart has just announced that it will not sell firearms to anyone under 21...progress!), and that its perpetrators have the stamina to keep up the fight.

Unless our Congress gets rid of their money addiction funneled to their campaigns by the gun manufacturing lobby, the National Rifle Association will continually manipulate us into believing that without a gun in every hand, we are in danger.

FedEx's public policy, like UPS's, is that "f$3 irearms must be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight service", according to the company's 2018 Service Guide, which also states that FedEx will not transport handguns via FedEx Ground.

The mechanics behind this spending strategy are simple: The NRA gives letter grades to candidates, and heavily invests in informing its members which politicians are defenders of the gun rights orthodoxy.