Google buys GIF platform Tenor to build up its image search engine


Basically, users report that the feature to search an image of exact size (Tools- Size- Exactly) on Google is now broken and generates no results (as can be seen in the following user shared video).

"When we started Google Images, we focused on making it easy to find photos and images from across the web".

When you're using your mobile device to search for something on Google and you can't find it in the first page, sometimes you wish all the results will just be in one page (but not necessarily infinite scrolling).

Thus far, Tenor raised a respectable $32 million in financing, when totaled up from its launch date through today, in which its seed round of financing took place back in 2014 - not almost as far back as the GIF's creation in 1987 by a company so small and long-gone that it's practically unheard of.

There will be no change to Tenor's platform or tools, including existing integrations with other services like WhatsApp.

All of this does make it seem to be a smart choice made by Google to acquire Tenor given the close integration that the company is set to benefit from for its services post the takeover.

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Although the platform processes 400 million daily GIF searches, Tenor has been seeking to serve more users by ramping up its global expansion.

Prior to its acquisition, Tenor already counted over 300M monthly users, and a spectacular 12 billion searches every month.

Both Google and Tenor announced the decision on March 27.

Google says it will continue to experiment in the coming months before switching to the "mobile-first" ranking system entirely.

Google is purchasing it to increase its support of gifs on its messaging and keyboard apps like Allo and Gboard. The platform launched sponsored GIFs in late 2017, and has since worked with "dozens of major brands" for sponsored content, as well as set up content partnerships to source images from the likes of 20th Century Fox, 21st Century Fox, DreamWorks, Netflix, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Showtime, Sony, Warner Bros., Viacom, Vevo, etc. A campaign run by Dunkin' Donuts featuring branded GIFs on Tenor for Halloween recently won an award at Mobile World Congress for best use of mobile marketing.

To date, Tenor has raised a total of $32 million in funding, according to available funding data.