Trump Jr. to Give Foreign Policy Speech on Business Trip to India


Trump Towers Delhi is not in fact in New Delhi, but rather the city of Guragon. Trump Junior is very much particular about the brand specifications. Instead of selling the Trump Organization, putting his assets in a blind trust, or handing control of the business to a neutral third party, Trump turned over day-to-day management to his eldest sons, Don Jr. and Eric.

The Trump Organisation is not, however, investing in the project, which is a collaboration between NCR-based real estate major M3M and Tribeca Developers of Mumbai. The largest is here in Gurgaon, a fast-growing city outside New Delhi with a litany of Fortune 500 companies and a skyline filled with skyscrapers.

The Trump family does not own or build any of the properties.

Apartments worth $70 million have been sold since the Gurugram towers project was launched in early January said Amit Sharma, spokesman for the Gurugram developer.

Khanna's boss, Rajiv Bansal, predicted the presidential connection would create enough buzz to entice buyers. Critics said the implication was that there was an outside chance they could see the White House or even meet the president himself. "It's a status symbol".

A full page advertisement that ran on the cover of several Indian newspapers over the weekend featured a picture of Trump Jr., alongside the tagline "Trump is here".

The younger Trump said his itinerary did not include interactions with government officials in an intentional effort to steer clear of politics.

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Trump Jr.'s visit to India comes after his sister, Ivanka, visited Hyderabad in November past year to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.(GES). Trump Jr is billed as a keynote speaker, along with Modi.

Those who purchase an apartment before Tuesday in a tower block the company is developing with local partners in Gurgaon, about an hour south of Delhi, will be invited to dine with Trump Jr. on Thursday, The Guardian reported.

During his visit, Trump Jr will also visit Kolkata, where the construction of a project with 137 luxury units is set to soon begin. In addition to an oversupply, demonetisation has hurt sales at competing developments, but the Trump name remains a draw.

The Kolkata project is being built by a collaboration of Unimark, RDB Group and Tribeca and offers a 360 degree panoramic view of the city. "It is what is making people pay attention and look at it deeply".

Donald Trump Jr. will be giving a foreign policy speech during his business trip to India this week at an event marketed to Trump Tower buyers at $38,000 to attend, The Washington Post reports.

Conflict of interest accusations have plagued the Trump administration in the past.

"For me it has been, certainly been, easier to do" business in India, he said.