This Character Can Crash Almost All Apps on Apple Devices


A new bug is on the rounds, this one reportedly affecting iMessage, Twitter and other apps with just a single character.

Various macOS, iOS, and watchOS apps that rely on Apples's text-rending code can be crashed when sent a message containing a symbol composed of characters used in the Indian language Telugu. It might be hard to fix and delete the problem message for apps like WhatsApp, unless you have web access enabled.

At the very least, receiving the character will crash whatever messaging app sees the character, forcing you to force-close the app. Messages will no longer open. Even more frustrating, it's not just a case of restarting the app and picking up where you left off.

The moment a text with the bug is received, the app that opened the text crashes. Telegram and Skype appear to be unaffected. When that happens, the entire Springboard of iOS will be blocked.

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While ARKit was first made available to developers at last year's WWDC and arrived on customer phones last fall with the release of iOS 11, Apple says that iOS is already the world's largest AR platform. Share your thoughts on the new character bug causing iMessage and other apps to crash in the comments. The change in policy only applies to new apps, although it's extremely likely that in the future, Apple will set a deadline to require all updates to apps to support the iPhone X notch.

The public beta of iOS 11.3, which is now available for those wanting a taste of the next big iPhone and iPad software release, does not exhibit the same issue.

The two specific characters that trigger the bug are shown below.

That meeting came on the heels of ongoing complaints from Apple users about crashing apps, out-of-order text messages and iPhone X delays in responding to incoming phone calls.