Steve Jobs' Job Application May Unlock Inspiration for iPhone Creation


He has further described his "Special Abilities" as "electronics tech or design engineer. digital. -from Bay near Hewitt-Packard".

But the job application for an unidentified position, written while Jobs was still and English Lit major at Reed College, shows that he was, at one point, at least, at age 18, just like any one of us: Looking for work, uncertain about his future, and prone to making mistakes where mistakes shouldn't be made. In the middle section, he writes "yes" in response to "Driver's License?' and "possible, but not probable", in reply to "Access to transportation?' With regard to his skills, next to 'Computer" and 'Calculator, ' he writes, "yes (design, tech)".

Then, later in the application, the former Apple CEO writes only "none" in the box asking for his phone number.

But that's exactly what a teenage Steve Jobs wrote in an application for "electronics tech or design engineer" in 1973.

It remains unclear what company Jobs was applying to.

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Jobs enrolled at Portland's Reed College in 1972, but he dropped out after only six months of classes. Following the launch of the iPhone X previous year, Apple briefly crossed the $900 billion mark for the first time.

Steve Jobs died of cancer in 2011.

It was in 1976 that Jobs and Steve Wozniak set out to build Apple and introduced many revolutionary products including the iPhone which featured a touchscreen, iPod that could store hundreds of songs, and the personal computer for the masses. It is accompanied with letters of authenticity and bidding runs from March 8 to March 15.

Also up for auction is a newspaper excerpt signed by Mr Jobs covering the announcement of the first iPhone redesign - the iPhone 3G - in 2008, which is estimated at more than $15,000 (£10,700).

"Steve Jobs was a notoriously hard signer...and his autograph is incredibly scarce among contemporary figures", RR Auction noted. The material features albums, photographs, receipts and instruments.