Patrick Brown says Ontario PCs must be united heading into election


The NDP isn't currently investigating the specific harassment allegations against former NDP MP Peter Stoffer, but it says it's looking into how such complaints were, are now and will be handled, something strategist Robin Sears...

Brown says he has cleared his name, and has received overwhelming support from Ontarians. "Now that he's a candidate, it's very hard to speak about him and not the other candidates".

"The fact that the interim leader chose to kick him out of caucus three weeks after all this came and after CTV recanted the most serious allegations of underage girls and me indicates that there's a bigger power play going on right now to ensure Patrick Brown is unable to run", Parks said.

Brown joined the leadership contest on Friday, after he was kicked out of the party caucus.

The Ontario legislature resumes sitting today for the final session before a spring election as interim leader Vic Fedeli called the last few weeks "challenging" and former PC leader Patrick Brown says he won't be there to take his seat.

"This small group of insiders will stop at nothing in their attempts to derail us". "Oh, I am sure the truth will come out". The Canadian Press has not independently verified the allegations. "Brown did not have my confidence to be the party candidate in Barrie", Fedeli told a news conference, declining to discuss the reasons for that move.

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"Over the next weeks you may hear or see stories questioning my integrity, character and my leadership of our Party", Brown said in a Facebook post Tuesday. "This includes bank statements, mortgage information, legal documents, all of which is legally protected and personal information".

Party members will vote for their leader between March 2 and 8. "Our role is to represent the membership", he said.

"I think he should be given the opportunity for the membership to decide, and then if the membership says, 'We're OK with this, ' then it's up to the voters of Ontario whether or not they want Patrick to run the province", he added.

Latif is the party's nominee in the riding of Windsor-Tecumseh.

Sadovnick said she doesn't believe the misconduct allegations.

"Although he's still a member of the party, the party could suggest he's not in good standing, which is one of the conditions you have to have to run", he told CBC Toronto.