Irish finance minister expects United Kingdom to honour December #Brexit deal


Jude Kirton-Darling, Labour MEP for the North East of England, added: "As disquieting as this may be, it is unfortunately only the beginning of a string of very bad news to come out of the leaked impact assessment papers, and the direct result of the Tories being incapable of negotiating a Brexit deal that won't drain all money and economic prospects out of the North East".

The government was also quick to point out the "provisional" nature of the analysis, which looks at a worst case scenario, and not the preferred bespoke trade agreement.

'We are seeking an unprecedented, comprehensive and ambitious economic partnership - one that works for all parts of the UK.

The 5.5% fall in growth assumes a free trade deal is struck, but Britain leaves the single market. The losses are predicted to come over 15 years.

Prime Minister Theresa May has been urged to tell Ireland what her Government's proposals are to solve the Irish border issue after Brexit.

An internal government report that was leaked to BuzzFeed last week was made available to MPs on Wednesday - and quickly leaked to the press.

The leaked United Kingdom figures also suggest the impact of Brexit could be even worse on other parts of the United Kingdom, with a no-deal scenario projected to cut the north-east of England's economy by 16%.

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A no-deal outcome would result in a 13 per cent hit to economic growth in the West Midlands, 12 per cent in the North West and Northern Ireland, 9.5 per cent in Wales and nine per cent in Scotland.

London would fare least badly, with its GDP down just 1% under single market membership, 2% through a free trade deal and 3.5% if there is no deal.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: "The government's own research is now showing that Brexit will be an economic disaster for every part of the UK". The Tories are putting everything on the line because they do not care about the lives and livelihoods of the people of the UK. They are still keeping no deal on the table despite how crippling it would be to the regional economy.

"The British people did not vote to leave the customs union or single market. They should be allowed a vote on the final deal and a chance to exit from Brexit".

The UK government, which says it is working to secure the best possible deal for the whole of the UK, had argued that releasing the analysis to the public could damage its negotiations with the EU. We've shown we can do that.

In provocative comments he added: "We are going to state exactly what we mean by regulatory alignment in the legal text".