Google image search: Here's why the View Image button just vanished


They also removed the "View Visually Similar Images" from the Google Image search results, so you can no longer view similar images of the same size.

With that option gone, users of Google Images have no other option on the site but to click on the visit button.

This tiny, but significant change notably comes in the wake of Google's new multi-year global licensing partnership with Getty Images, enabling Google to use Getty's content within its various products and services.

If you want the source code itself, simply visit the extension's GitHub page. For instance, to save an image we can directly right click on the image, and click on view image or save image option to download the image, however that may compromise a bit on the quality. After testing a couple of searches last night, one of the images we saw in the results couldn't even be seen on the website we were linked to, anywhere.

The company announced this news on its official Twitter handle.

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It can't be denied that the change in the Google images is essentially actually meant to irritate users. By creating its own captive, image-rich environment and cutting off user traffic to competing websites, Google is able to maintain and reinforce its dominance in search.

"If you woke up this morning and were confused by Google Images" sudden lack of "View Image" button, then you weren't alone.

Instead of being directed to a full resolution copy of an image with a click, users will now need to scroll through a website to find the original image.

Now, the "view image" button which previously appeared alongside images in search has been removed. Google has been taking flak from photographers and users who felt that the View Image allowed users to steal their pictures. This was obviously useful for many reasons, especially - in the case of some of us here at Techaeris - getting access to full-size screenshots or press photos for news, reviews, and articles. Although Google didn't give any explanation on why the change was made, but this could be a move to cut down on image theft and ad revenue loss.