Florida shooting survivors in state capital to demand action on gun control


At a Stoneman Douglas High staff meeting held last week at a Parkland municipal building, teachers said they wanted to get back into the classroom as soon as possible so they could be reunited with their students and colleagues, Runcie said.

The February 14 massacre, the latest in a long series of deadly U.S. school shootings, stirred the nation's long-running debate about gun rights and public safety, prompting officials from state lawmakers to President Donald Trump to consider new action. That is what drives them on their journey to enact positive change.

Florida lawmakers have rebuffed gun restrictions since the GOP took control of both the governor's office and the Legislature in 1999. During their 400-mile trip to Tallahassee, they spoke with The Associated Press. Collins previous year introduced legislation that would nullify much of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's NY SAFE Act, a sweeping set of gun control measures including a ban on sales of assault weapons in New York stores, Kowalczyk said.

Before they left for the Presidents week break, Senate Democrats pushed for more measures to strengthen gun control in NY. "If you don't help us make a change soon, you will be left in the dust", he said.

Unlike many other students, however, he still disagrees with a ban on AR-15s or any other weapon. Cruz was reportedly armed with a legally purchased semi-automatic rifle and had multiple magazines. She said numerous students were up until 5 a.m., getting only an hour or two of sleep before walking to the Capitol. "Every single weapon is awful when it is in the hands of someone who is mentally unstable".

"We have such a limited government that should not be totally reliant on. the police, we should be able defend ourselves as citizens", he said. It never should have been that an 18-year-old could buy an assault weapon.

"[I'm] super proud of my daughter for walking here from her school and for supporting her friends and for standing up for a cause", said Veronica Block, who arrived at the school after.

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"Maybe if they see the victims themselves, something will spark a change in their mind", she said.

Americans support stricter gun laws by a 66 to 31 percent margin, according to a poll released on Tuesday by Quinnipiac University.

"I know it's going to be hard, but I know we can do it", she said.

Students gathered in front of Cypress Lake High School chanting "How many more?" Because change might not come today, it might not come tomorrow, it might not even come March 24 when we march for our lives down in Washington, but it's going to happen.

Middleton saw a teenage patient in the days after the shooting, and they talked about her feelings after seeing the story on social media and the news. They screwed with the wrong community.

Rebecca Schneid said if the students would have stayed in Parkland, no one would ever hear them. "We obviously want them to listen to our ideas on policy, but for now, if we could just get them to actually care about the matters we're talking about, that's probably the first step".

Lawmakers in Tallahassee said they would consider raising the age limit to 21, the same standard for handguns and alcohol, though the state Senate on Wednesday opted not to take up a gun control measure.