Erin Hamlin carries the flag for Team USA


But darned if Shani Davis didn't do it.

And Davis was definitely not happy about it, venting in a tweet that the coin toss was "dishonorably" done. The USOC, clearly aware a tie was possible, let it be known before the games that a coin flip would be used to decide the victor if that happened.

Maybe next time if there's a 4-4 vote just have both athletes do it? Hamlin, who is white, won a coin toss, which was the predetermined method of picking a victor if all else failed in the athlete-led process. When the final vote stayed deadlocked at 4-4, the committee used a predetermined method of choosing a victor: a coin toss.

Hamlin thought she might have more emotion that came from knowing this was her last time at the Games. None of the news stories I've read today have specified criteria for deciding who should carry the flag.

After a few rounds, the vote was tied 4-4 between Davis and Hamlin. She is the first American to win an Olympic medal in singles luge.

Hamlin will be the sixth woman in 23 games to carry the U.S. flag, and the first since 2006.

"So many times athletes don't go and you don't see this but, behind the scenes, you are standing there for hours like sardines". It's unknown who will represent Team USA at the Closing Ceremony. In a statement to The Guardian, Davis's speedskating teammate Joey Mantia added, "We feel strongly toward Shani and they felt strongly for Erin". "I don't know anything else".

Trouble is, Davis isn't likely to get another chance at carrying the flag.

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And as for the coin toss being "dishonorable", the U.S. Olympic Committee confirmed that everyone involved in the process was aware that, in the event of a tie, a coin toss would be the tiebreaker. When she finished her final run, she ran over to the stands and bowed in front of the loud contingent of US fans.

His complaints were sometimes validated.

USA team-mate Chad Hedrick ripped Davis for not taking part, saying it cost the Americans a gold medal.

He implied that race played a factor in the decision.

The Colbert bit is overblown.

This year's Winter Olympic Games highlights may be placed in the Not Suitable for Work category.


Hamlin will be 31 during the PyeongChang Winter Games, which she has said will be the final competition of her career. "That having put everything upside down, I chose to take a different approach to competing, and the last four years have been some of my most successful".

Anyway, look for him at Opening Ceremony tomorrow night as reporters try to corner him and get him to escalate this controversy. Fun!