"Bad" Apps Plague Google Play


That number is 70% more than what Google did in 2016 thanks to advances in AI and machine learning that help the tech giant be even more effective in dealing with the huge number of apps to be reviewed. But the Google Play Store listing says any phone running Oreo would support the app.

According to the company's report, it was able to take down up to 100,000 "bad developers" previous year on top of the crunched numbers of removed apps.

Considering that there estimated to be a total of about 3.5-million apps in Google's app store, a figure of 700,000 problematic apps means that approximately 1 out of every 6 apps being uploaded by developers is unacceptable.

Nevertheless, some users might encounter an incompatibility warning upon download if their gadgets are not supported or have insufficient hardware configuration to run the application.

The security of apps loaded to the Google Play store has become a big concern for the company.

The Google Assistant Go app offers most of the features that are available through the standard Google Assistant integration. Numerous rogue applications were downloaded by tens of thousands of people-in some cases even over a million-before they were removed.

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Google removed tens of thousands of apps that violated the its app store's Terms of Service by including various forms of violence, the promotion of hate, adult material, or illegal-activity-related material.

A support page by Google that the Google Assistant Go app has some differences over the original Google Assistant version since the app is made to use less storage and data.

Something that is also equally as impressive is how Google had got the job done. Google also "developed new detection models and techniques that can identify repeat offenders and abusive developer networks at scale", something that Google claims resulted in preventing the distribution of software by 100,000 bad developers in 2017, and also stopped those involved from creating new accounts in an effort to publish new potentially-poisonous apps.

Now Google wants the public to know just how effective and comprehensive its app screening and removal process is. The app is there for absolutely free of cost and it doesn't ask for anything more from the users. These represented more than 250,000 of the apps that Google removed a year ago.

"While small in volume, PHAs pose a threat to Android users and we invest heavily in keeping them out of the Play Store", Ahn said.

Another area that saw lots of activity were those that Google determined contained inappropriate content.