US Brings Strategic Assets 'Under Pretext of Olympics' in S Korea - Pyongyang


This comes after the North's state-run media revealed that the regime had changed the anniversary date of the Korean People's Army's establishment, which previously fell on April 25.

The move was not well taken by the North Korean government and the media slammed the president for his praise to Trump.

A senior South Korean government official said Tuesday that the delegation quickly toured Mount Kumgang and went to Masikryong Ski Resort the same day, both in North Korea's easternmost Kangwon Province.

Moon's conservative opponents are also critical of his Olympic embrace of the North. Hong Joon-pyo, the leader of the conservative Liberty Korea Party, said the Moon administration "is being dragged around by Kim Jong Un's peace offensive" that is aimed at weakening global sanctions imposed for its continued nuclear weapons development. She appeared on North Korean television the following year, effectively putting that theory to rest.

A South Korean inspection team arrives at the Donghae Highway Transit Office at the border between South and North Korea on January 23, 2018. The 46-member sports delegation (consisting of 22 athletes and 24 staff and officials) will arrive first, on February 1, followed on February 7 by 24 members of the National Olympic Committee, 21 reporters, a 30-member Taekwondo demonstration team and 230 cheerleaders, who will travel on the Gyeongui Line overland route.

The duo is set to compete in the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships that starts Wednesday.

In addition, a demonstration Taekwondo team, a cheering group and hundreds of musical performers also will be involved. Young North Korean women are paying money to officials to try to get selected for the trip to South Korea, the Daily NK reported last week.

At the opening ceremony of the Olympics in the ski resort of Pyeongchang, the two Koreas will march jointly under a unified flag - the first time they will step out together at the launch of an global sporting event since 2007.

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K. MOON: There is real concern and empathy for the South Korean players, especially the women's ice hockey team that's basically being forced to play with strangers.

More inter-Korean exchanges are expected.

A delegation of 150 North Korean athletes and supporters will attend the Paralympics, Seoul's Unification Ministry said. "The Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang 2018 are hopefully opening the door to a brighter future on the Korean Peninsula and inviting the world to join in a celebration of hope".

If South Korea makes the visit, it will be the first one since the Moon Administration took office last May.

Moon, who was elected president a year ago, campaigned promising a greater effort to ease tensions between North and South.

She later confessed that ruthless Kim Jong-il - the current dictator's father - ordered the attack in an effort to scupper the Olympics. "The Pyeongchang Olympics is the Pyeonghwa (peace) Olympics".

Since early 2016, North Korea has faced increasingly tight trade restrictions after carrying out nuclear and missile tests banned by the United Nations Security Council. It may be that the sanctions are working, and that Kim's trying to push the ease off.

She was eventually put on trial and sentenced to death, but then pardoned as the forgiving South Korean also saw her as a "victim".