TiVo DVRs will take commands from Alexa and Google Assistant


Voice control has been available for quite some time in Android Auto equipped cars, but the actual assistant will provide a little more functionality and usability. Alexa has proved to be compatible with many smart devices and will be an easier way to connect your home than trying to hack together a solution with several different apps or assistants.

The basic and most noticeable feature once these integrations arrive for TiVo is controlling playback through voice commands, and most people who own a Google Home or Amazon Echo already know how to do that.

Toyota has announced plans to bring the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant to some of its Lexus and Toyota models later this year. Soon it will be a whole lot harder to think of a type of product that hasn't in some way merged with Alexa.

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Japanese electronics company Panasonic has been working with both Amazon and Google to bring their respective virtual assistants to in-car infotainment systems. Furthermore, previous year in November Amazon announced a suite of voice-activated work tools to allow you to bring Alexa to the office. "And in the vehicle a true automotive assistant, which knows what drivers want and how cars work, is probably a better choice for the "driving" end of that interface than a general objective assistant coming from the home environment".

If it seems like Amazon is putting Alexa into absolutely everything, the e-commerce giant may feel like it has to in order to remain the clear No. 1 in the virtual assistant market.

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