Project Fi Gets Unlimited Data With Bill Protection


Here's how much it costs.

Project Fi certainly isn't the best deal for United States consumers, with mobile virtual network operators like Cricket offering plans that represent an overall better value in terms of data allowed and phones supported. Bill Protection seems to be Google's take on unlimited data plans from the big four, which were all launched early previous year in quick succession. You pay $10 per gigabyte for the data that you use, with the only fixed monthly fee being a $20-per-month charge for unlimited calling and texting.

Project Fi subscribers will continue to select how much data they plan on using at the start of each month.

Credit: Tom's GuideGoogle is adding what it touts as a Bill Protection feature to its pay-what-you-use wireless service.

However, once they have consumed more than 15GB of data in that billing cycle, subscribers will be throttled to "slower" speeds and they can continue to use mobile data without any overages. So if you use only 1.6GB of data in a month, you'll pay $34 for that data usage.

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There are some clear benefits to the Project Fi take on an "unlimited" plan.

If you're on Google's MVNO Project Fi, you're about to get an opt-out feature called Bill Protection from next billing cycle onwards that will cap costs for your data usage as well as your speeds at a point. After you've reached the limit, you Google will drop you to 256Kbps speeds, which is enough for basic tasks, but you won't be streaming Netflix, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, Bill Protection also applies to data used through data-only SIM cards. The average postpaid customer - even on T-Mobile, where unlimited data plans are the only plans offered any more - doesn't use more than 5GB of data in a month.

1 person never pays more than $60 for unlimited data ($10/month until 6GB is topped); total monthly bill $80.

Bill Protection is rolling out immediately to individual subscribers and group plans.