Pakistani father of slain girl blames police for slow action


Police said Zainab was strangled to death and an autopsy later revealed that she had been raped before being murdered. Protests broke out in Kasur shortly after the discovery of Zainab's body was reported.

The official said a team of senior police officers had past year attempted a detailed analysis of all the cases in the light of circumstantial evidences, DNA test reports, statements of the two girls who survived the assaults, the witnesses and other relevant information.

Meanwhile, two separate First Information Reports (FIRs), on the behalf of Kashif Imran and Rizwan Ahmad, have been registered against police personnel over opening fire on the protesters.

In a speech to thousands of mourners, he blamed the Punjab chief minister, Shahbaz Sharif, for failing to "protect lives and honour of innocent girls" in the province.

He further complained that more than 1,700 cases of sexual harassment and child abuse were reported in 2017, but the Punjab Government has been unable to arrest the culprits. Those societies that can not protect its children are eternally condemned.

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Demanding justice for the victim, the actress added: "We fail as a nation every time we witness a crime as heinous as this". Those failing in their duties will be proceeded against.

The Zainab case also prompted the powerful Pakistan military to issue a statement.

Many shared a meme that told Zainab's story and named six other girls who were kidnapped and murdered in Kasur in 2017, before asking: "Look at this & decide what you want to use your voice on Social Media. If we don't set an example with across the board accountability, right now, these monsters will continue their lustful orgies entrapping children... and extinguishing their light". "I really wish that he is hanged in public and everyone should be made to see and ponder over what has happened". Ya Allah give sabr to the parents. "Shocked, Disgusted and feeling sick to the core! What is happening? How can we stop this from ever happening again?" Both men shared a photo of Zainab urging people to "raise your voice!"

The army chief condemned the murder of Zainab and responded to the appeal by the aggrieved parents, directing immediate all-out support to civil administration to arrest the criminals and bring them to justice.

Sports presenter Zainab Abbas wrote: "What a lovely girl and look what our world is coming to, are they even human? May justice prevail and the animals accountable face dire consequences!"