New Mode, Costumes Coming to Super Mario Odyssey


Super Mario Odyssey is getting a free update called Balloon World. The January 11th Nintendo Direct featured the first look at "Luigi's Balloon World".

In Hide It mode, players have 30 seconds to try and place a balloon somewhere in the various locales of Super Mario Odyssey, from nooks and crannies, to acrobatic leaps of faith.

In "Hide It", you have 30 seconds from Luigi's spawned spot in each Kingdom to hide a balloon in the most hard spot you can think.

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Then use the new Snapshot Mode filters to take some really trippy screenshots of them. There will be rankings boards so you can become a master balloon finder yourself. As you find balloons you earn points to move up in a global leaderboard.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now for Nintendo Switch, with the new update coming in February. What do you think of Balloon Mode?

In addition, Nintendo will add three new outfits to the game: Sunshine Shades and outfit, a Musician Hat and outfit, and a Knight Helmet and armor. Who knows if further kingdoms will be unlocked in the next year, but we certainly hope that's the case!