Kremlin calls Senate Democrats' report on election meddling 'unfounded'


Washington's paranoid fears of alleged Moscow's interference in the USA elections harm not only bilateral relations, but also the US itself, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday.

She said: "The current Russian political regime wants to eradicate the memory of my father, since it believes - correctly - that symbols are important and that they can potentially facilitate and inspire change".

A new report compiled by U.S. Senate researchers warns that Russian Federation has been emboldened by its efforts to interfere in U.S. and European elections, and calls for a stronger U.S. response to deter Moscow.

"We can only voice regret over the continuing campaign [against Russia] and once again recall that so far all these concerns, all the accusations against our country of meddling have had no grounds and are absolutely unfounded", Peskov stressed.

Other recommendations include working more closely with US allies in Europe on a joint approach to deterring Russia and cyberthreats, pressing social-media companies like Facebook and Twitter to be more transparent in political advertising, and reducing European imports of Russian natural gas and oil.

The document also states that the goal of Russia's interference in Georgia and Ukraine appears to be to weaken these countries to the point that they become failed states, rendering them "incapable of joining Western institutions in the future and presenting the Russian people with another example of the "consequences" of democratization". "There has been no collusion, no interference on our part". By working with European allies, the report says America could cut Putin and his close associates off from the worldwide financial system. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the nationalist LDPR party said USA authorities "specifically want to play dirty tricks in front of the Russian Embassy", according to the BBC.

No Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee signed on to Cardin's inquiry, which directly blamed Putin for a "relentless assault to undermine democracy and the rule of law in Europe and the United States".

Last year America's key intelligence agencies concluded Moscow worked to tilt the election toward Trump through a hacking campaign that targeted both US political parties and the spread of misinformation through Kremlin-connected channels.

Trump is saying that because there was no collusion, the investigation into Russian sabotage of our 2016 election should be dropped. Moscow has recently relied more heavily on state-owned overseas networks such as Sputnik and RT to carry out its will, even beyond larger nations like the USA and the United Kingdom.

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The report points to Europe to provide a roadmap for the USA going forward.

Russian Federation has repeatedly denied that it interfered in the election, and Trump said he believed Putin.

Russian media propaganda, especially Internet trolls and bots, which were discovered in the public debate ahead of recent major referendums such as "Brexit" in Britain and the Catalonia independence movement in Spain, as well as national elections in France and Germany.

A second former senior Trump administration official also told the Daily Beast that Harrington had enthusiastically discussed this proposal with several other senior staffers, including ousted White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said Wednesday that "attempts at disinformation in the digital domain", some of which "originate from Russian sources" have anxious Berlin. It enlisted organized crime groups to launder money and commit other crimes, and used its control of energy supplies to spread corruption, the report said. "And we are talking about this and cooperating with European partners".

"Never before has a US president so clearly ignored such a grave and growing threat to USA national security", the report warns. Sputnik notably reported rumors that Macron was having a gay affair, which Macron denied.

In his report, Cardin notes the threat is unrelated to the president's victory but is his responsibility now.

The report calls for Trump to establish a high-level inter-agency group to coordinate USA policy in response to the Russian government's operations.

"It is hard to assess what the consequences will be, but we have seen how Russian Federation has financed pro-Moscow groups, for instance right-wing groups", he said.