Hollywood movie '12 Strong' ready to hit theaters


The full cast of "12 Strong", premiered the powerful new war drama in NY.

"12 Strong", a film that tells the story of the US response in Afghanistan to 9/11, will begin showing tonight in Enid.

The Thor star saddles up as an Army Special Forces captain in 12 Strong (★★½ out of four; rated R; in theaters nationwide Friday), a commendable war drama based on the first American military offensive in Afghanistan following 9/11.

In Afghanistan, the team is up against the same rugged, mountainous terrain that has historically worked to the advantage of the Taliban and their al-Qaida allies.

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The film will hit all standard and IMAX theaters in the U.S. on January 19th. The movie is adapted from the best-selling book Horse Soldiers. Yes, there's the stakes of "Will these men make it home alive?" but that's the stakes in any war film, and one that becomes cheapened when more attention is paid to stunts with horses than any character development.

MANOHLA DARGIS, THE NEW YORK TIMES: "Still, while the movie largely elides overt politics and policies, both domestic and foreign, they are inextricably embedded in every single narrative turn, each word and image. That impact can not be denied".

Having tied the knot seven years ago, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are finally bringing their real life chemistry to reel life! He may not have "killer eyes" (the warlord's description of Michael Shannon's Chief Warrant Officer), but he's got a killer heart. So Nelson and his comrades, fighting alongside anti-Taliban forces, adopt an old-school approach to getting around. They've got high-tech equipment up the wazoo, as well as B-52 air support.

Sans magic hammer, Chris Hemsworth's career as a leading man is spotty at best. 12 Strong isn't hurting for talent; it's hurting for a script that will make use of that talent. "That said it's aiming for brains as well as brawn as much as it is shock and awe and, as a whole, it's not as far off the mark as some people might expect it to be".