ESA's give parents school choice


"IDEA believes that every child, regardless of race or income, should have access to a high-quality education", the charter school district said in a news release.

Parents and students from half a dozen charter schools across the state took part in National School Choice Week with a rally in downtown Raleigh on Tuesday.

The Week will feature 1,024 events and activities across the Grand Canyon State, including open house events at schools, school fairs, homeschool information sessions, and other celebrations. Mark Jewell, president of the NC Association of Educators, said with North Carolina sitting at 43rd in the nation for funding of public schools, the General Assembly should move away from putting money into voucher programs that support parents pulling their children out of public schools.

"We participate because parents are shopping around and we love to show off all the positives of our public school to future students and their families". "And we're celebrating today not just the option for charter schools, but we're celebrating district public schools, home schooling, virtual schools, private schools", she said.

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Trump praised Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who was a school choice advocate before he appointed her to the position.

Right now, there are 173 charter schools across the state. "We are grateful that so many schools, homeschool groups, organizations, and community leaders are using National School Choice Week in Arizona and across America as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the transformational work that they do". But investing in homeschooling or private education is a small price to pay for parents who want the best opportunity.

The organizers say this event is meant to thank everyone who has provided great educational options to Arizona students.