Dolores O'Riordan dead: Police say The Cranberries singer's death not suspicious


Dolores O'Riordan's sudden and shocking death has fans of the Irish singer reflecting on the incredible music she produced as a solo artist and with The Cranberries.

"Dolores would have only been in her early 20s at the time of the Warrington bombing, but old enough to have witnessed the Northern Ireland "Troubles" and the hurt many families suffered including our own".

As a mark of respect, the town has provided a book of condolence for the late-singer at the County Council's Corporate Headquarters at Merchant's Quay in Limerick.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar tweeted Monday that "for anyone who grew up in Ireland in the 1990s, Dolores O'Riordan was the voice of a generation". I came from a very strict childhood, didn't get out much right up till I was 17. I remember being on tour and being in the United Kingdom at the time when the child died, and just being really sad about it all. Dolores you have left warm memories and a legacy which will keep growing in the coming years, and a city which is proud to have been her birthplace and her home. Medical records given to the court at her trial indicated she was mentally ill at the time. The whole family is just shattered.

Dolores was known for her distinctive mezzo-soprano voice. "Our thoughts go out to her family at this awful time". Paying tribute, the band's Tommy Vext: "We are shocked and saddened at the news of Dolores's passing, mere hours before she was to record vocals on our upcoming version of "Zombie'". And when I asked her about that she was very amusing. She was just so lovely. "She didn't think like that at all". All through the years she never changed.

The message said: "She was an extraordinary talent and we feel very privileged to have been part of her life from 1989".

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Musician Ray Murphy had worked with members of the Cranberries in the past. We all study music and we would listen to her songs and watch her performances. "I knew why I wanted to make myself disappear". It has ever since been on my playlist, and that's the last 10 years.

In April 2017, the Cranberries released a compilation album that included acoustic versions of some of their biggest hits.

"We loved her music".

Wendy Parry, 60, said: "It is extremely sad to hear the news about Dolores O'Riordan passing away at such a young age".

Many of those who came were unable to hide their emotion.

Zombie was a direct response from Irish musicians to the horror of Warrington and all the other atrocities that had taken place, pleading: "Another mother's breaking / Heart is taking over / When the violence causes silence / We must be mistaken".